Time to start writing again.

With no ulterior motive.

Not for bums on mailing list seats.

Not for sales of a book, a mastermind program, an online course.

Ignoring keywords and SEO.

Just writing.

For me. For others. For no one.


I’m Darrel. I’m 54 (as I write). I’ve been ‘reluctantly’ entrepreneurial most of my life. (‘Reluctantly’ might require some further explanation one day.) In November 2018 I had tests. I was experiencing ‘chronic fatigue’ and a ‘depressed mood.’ What followed was two and a half years of burnout and depression. From which (as I write) I am slowly emerging. I have episodes of ‘fog’ which immobilise me for days. I sometimes struggle to do any meaningful work and hold down clients. I often feel like a failure. I often feel like I’m letting everyone down (my wife, my children, God, society). I often feel like a poor excuse of a man. No, I’m not suicidal. But I am almost constantly tired. Not only physically, but mentally and emotionally, too.

I don’t mean to drag you down, dear reader. There is much good in my life. I have a peaceful home, a good marriage, happy children. There’s no price on that stuff. I’m doing business on my terms (now) and building some great business communities. I wouldn't change any of it. Honestly.

But there is a shadow. And I don’t want to live in denial of it anymore. I want to live in the raw reality of what it means to be human. Warts and all.

My experiences in Depressionville